Wednesday, May 4, 2011


          Everyone has had their own encounter with sleep talking. Most people have been told that they were calling out someone's name, talking nonsensically, or mumbling while they were sleeping. Sleep talking is a parasomnia that can occur in any stage of sleep and can also be associated with sleep terrors, sleep walking, sleep related eating disorders and REM behavior disorders. (1) While most sleep talking is brief and nonsensical, there are some individuals who take sleep talking to the extreme. These somnoliqusits as they are often called can recite vivid narratives in their sleep that are quite detailed and lengthy.

Dion McGregor was one of these individuals. His  vivid and voluble descriptions of his dreams were recorded by his roommate from 1961 to 1967. (2) They are truly fascinating....It is especially intersting listening to how his tone and emphasis fluctuate as he narrates his dreams. You will notice that he is a very enthusiastic story teller, especially for being ASLEEP!!!

-Sleep Guy