Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost 50% of DME claims denied!!!

When submitting claims to insurance providers it is extremely important one be attentive to every minor detail. Investing in billing software can help reduce the number of denials an organization receives and is highly recommended by most accrediting agencies. But competent individuals with experience in dealing with the legions of different insurance providers out there is crucial!

Below is a link to an article about a wide spread payment report recently presented by the DME MAC jurisdiction which show that almost 50% of claims submitted by DME's from Jan 2001 through June 2001 resulted in denials! The lesson here is to watch you billing closely, whether in done in house or not....

-Sleep Guy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A CPAP machine/mask Combined?

              A rather exciting new technology has recently come to my attention. The device (feature below)  combines the CPAP interface with the CPAP device itself! The device is called the Transcend CPAP. The Transcend CPAP's air delivery system is attached to the headgear of the CPAP mask which attaches straight to the patients face mask. The product claims to be compatible with many of the popular mask cushions that are already on the market and also boasts a "clinically proven" humidification that appears more convenient than traditional CPAP humidifiers. This device's competitive edge clearly lies in its convenience. Since the CPAP is smaller it is more mobile and has a system of batteries making the Transcend CPAP's usage possible in situations where their is no external power source. While this product obviously is new and has not been through the regirous test of time that has traditional CPAP delivery systems have undergone; it will likely generate much patient interest. In short, it would not be wise to ignore this exciting new technology. I will keep you updated on this device as I learn more.

-Sleep Guy