Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Respironics True Blue Nasal Mask

A New Round of Nasal Masks from both ResMed and Respironics have recently hit market. It is likely not a bad idea to have some knowledge about these new masks, since both organizations are marketing them heavily to sleep labs. The True Blue Nasal Mask is the newest mask from Respironics. 

From a patient's perspective:

The True Blue Mask boasts new technology which Respironics calls the "Free Form Spring". The spring somewhat resembles the adjustable piece on the nozzle of a gas pump, as the spring will push the cushion into sealing and will also adjust the cushion accordingly as the mask frame is pulled to either side. The technology appears to be efficient at keeping the mask from leaking. One can demonstrate this to a patient during a mask fitting by bending the mask frame to either side to simulate how a leak could normally form. The mask will remain sealed despite the mask frame being pulled around 20 degrees to either side. The clips at the front of the mask frame are also extremely convenient. Some masks such at the ResMed Quattro require the patient to push the clip in at a very specific angle, which can be difficult for the elderly or others with dexterity issues. The clips on the True Blue are extremely easy to latch, as one can latch them from almost any angle. Another added feature is the gel cushions that rest on the patients forehead. These three pads cover a large surface area and are extremely soft, making them ideal for patients who have problems with skin irritation from the forehead piece. The one downside to the True Blue is that it is a bit cumbersome when compared to some of the other smaller nasal masks. I think the bet that Respironics is making is that all the new features this mask offers will compensate for it being just a little bit large.

From a clinician's perspective:

I currently have around three patients wearing the True Blue Nasal Mask. They all three have stated that the mask is extremely comfortable and state they have not had any problems with the mask leaking. If a technician takes some time to show them how the Free Form Spring will help prevent leakage, I have noticed that it can cause patients to get excited about the mask. Often times these little features can be used as selling points which get the patients excited and more involved in their therapy. The one issue that clinicians could take with the mask is the fact that the it comes in five different sizes (P,S,M,MW,L). Stocking five different mask sizes along with five different cushion sizes separately can be somewhat of an irritant to clinicians. That being said I do believe that from what I have seen thus far, the mask is truly innovative and is worth stocking. I will report back to you later once I have had more experience with the True Blue.

-Mr. Sleep


  1. Nice blog.. Thanks for sharing information about respironics mask .

  2. Just got it last week. seems to be very well fitting. Did med size for 7 days now and will try large next. Small might even work as nose mask. Has anyone tried it? I used nose mask for 3 years not and always has trouble with mouth leaks until I started taping my mouth shut before going to sleep with blue painters tape. It was good until my nose mask broke and had to be replaced.
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