Thursday, October 25, 2012

OOPS! I forgot to wear my CPAP!

Could sleep apnea be responsible for Rick Perry's now infamous OOPS moment during his disastrous republican debate performance?

It turns out that out that Governor and former presidential candidate Rick Perry was diagnosed with sleep apnea while he was campaigning during his failed bid for the republican presidential nomination. A spokesmen for Perry's office confirmed that the Governor had been diagnosed with sleep apnea that had not treated when at the time he famously forgot to recall one of the three federal agencies he had proposed eliminating (in mid debate). The OOPS moment (as it has been dubbed) was considered by most to be the moment that ruined his already troubled bid for president.

The aid who reported that the Governor was suffering from sleep apnea speculated that Governor Perry could have been suffering from the disorder for years before he was diagnosed. Since it has been shown that untreated sleep apnea can cause tissue loss in areas of the brain that help store memory, once can't help but wonder if Perry's presidential bid would have been more successful if he had been wearing his CPAP!

Click here to view the incident (though it is painful to watch) 

-Mr. Sleep

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