Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No more Medicare referrals for HME providers?!?!?!

Sleep Labs May Soon Be Able To Set Up Their Own Medicare/Medicaid Patients With CPAP Equipment!!!

On September 16th 2011, the AASM presented the final draft of a proposal to create a pilot program that integrates sleep management and HME delivery. The model is basically a test program that will give sleep physicians much more control over their patients sleep therapy. This would include dispensing equipment to Medicare/Medicaid patients, that they themselves diagnosed.

The pilot model will be overseen by both the AASM along with the center for Medicare/Medicaid Innovation. According to Nancy Collop, the president of the AASM, the programs aims at" improving patient care and giving more power to the sleep physician to guide the patient through the process."

Flaherty, 2011. AASM shifts sleep strategy. HME News

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